brush roller

Brush Roller

Brush Roller


Our Brush Roller built with features like premium quality, high durability, and superior performance. Roller Brushes as they are also used for Brushing Machines and for cloth finishing operations. Different type of brushes is available as per specific requirements like Nylon brushes, synthetic brushes, animal hair brushes, for different applications which include brushing and cleaning of blankets.

Also, we are manufacturing a wide array of Industrial Roller Brushes, Strip Brush, Tube Cleaning Brush, etc. Our technical team using premium quality raw material and techniques as per the requirements.

Technical Specification

Size: Diameter Up To 300 mm
Length: Up To 5000 mm

– Free running capability to convey very lightweight loads.
– Low-cost alternative to stainless steel tube rollers.
– Ideal for use in humid, wet or wash-down environments.
– Non-marking benefits when in contact with the white top surface of flat or modular belts.

Brush Roller used in Different Machines for Textile Industry: Stenter Machine, Jigger Machine, Rotary Machine, Dyeing Machine, Calender Machine, Mangle Machine, Loop Steamer
Used in Different Industries: Industries like Paper, Pharmaceuticals, Leather, Textile, Plywood, Sheet Line, Material Handling and many more.

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