Jute Industry

Jute Industry

Our firm made by utilizing high quality material and latest technology. Rubber rolls design for all types of machineries used in Jute Industry, machine related rubber rolls. We have been offering dozens of roll cover compounds equipment for Jute Industry related machines with quality material. It is featuring with hot and cold application rolls for laminating and coating.


    • Rubber Roller


    • Synthetic Nitrile Rubber Roller


    • Neoprene Rubber Roller


    • Hypalon Rubber Roller


    • Ebonite Roller


    • Guide Roller


    • Brush Roller


    • Super Hard Rubber Roller


    • Inflatable Rubber Tube


    • Nip Roller


    • Pinch Roller


    • Printing Roller


    • Impression Roller


    • Silicon Roller


    • EPDM Rubber Roller