Dryer Cylinder

Dryer Cylinder

Dryer Cylinder


Conpaptexroller, manufacturer of dryer cylinder for heavy duty process, with different type and various size per application and machines. We are engaged in manufacturing of dryer cylinders by a process which is acknowledged to be one of the most effective methods known as the -centrifugal cast process.

We offer a comprehensive range of Rollers for different industries like Flexible, Textile, Paper, Plastic Packaging, Tyre Cord, Pharmaceutical, Drugs-Medicine, FMCG-Food, Fabric, Leather, Jute, Sugar and much more from last 25 years. Also We dealing on Materialwise Rubber Rolls Hypalon, EPDM, Neoprene, Metal, Steel, Nitrile Rollers.

  • Rubber Roller Manufacturer


    Manufacturer & Supplier of Rubber Rollers, Wrinkle Removing Rollers, Industrial Rollers

Technical Specification

Our vertical dryers is available in the following specifications:
– Length- 2mm to 3.5 mm
– Diameter – 800mm, 30 inches

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