Slat Expander Roll

Slat Expander Roll

Slat Expander Roll


We Aluminum Slat Expanders are used for wrinkle removing on coating machines which is available in any length and standard diameter. Slat Expander Roll, Bow Roll, Banana Roller, Expander Roll, Metal Bow Roll, Metal Expander Roller, Metal Banana Expander Roll, with industry specific requirement and for different machines.  Normally plain surface is provided but some applications serration is required on surface for gripping. While ordering should provide the application temperature, web material, plain or serration required on surface, maximum speed of web material to meet all your requirements.

Slat Expander Roll is particularly suitable for slow speed machines like coating cloth coating machines, Flat Bed Printing machine, artificial leather cloth before Batching machine etc. The Roll is fitted with cam mechanism fitted with on bearings with left & Right slats from center. For longer width three slats are fitted and middle slats are fixed to avoid V shaped wrinkle-removing action. Available with foot mounting pedestals.

Technical Specification

Type of Slat Expander Roll available:
– Aluminum Slat Expander
– Slat Expander Roll with Wooden Slat

Diameter of Slat Expander Roll available: – 6-, 8-, 12-

Length: up to 3000 mm

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